Dear Fashion Kitty, Wardrobe Help!

First off, my high school friends and I are planning to visit our former school this December and I’m sorta clueless what to wear. My friends are very trendy while I’ve always been a Plain Jane back then. I wanna look good but I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.

Next off, for the past two years I have opted to wear a hideous shirt and shorts and fugly dresses for Christmas and New Year. This year I think want to dress up but I was thinking green, red and gold (god, like a walking Christmas spirit) and then I think it’s OTT. Now I have no idea what to wear and I hope you can help me out. It doesn’t have to be too stiff and formal, it may even be casual yet enough to make me feel awesome and festive for the holidays.

Please help me out Fashion Kitty. Thankyouverymuch, you never fail me. 🙂

Answer #1- Without seeing what you consider “Plain Jane” its hard me to recommend to you the perfect outfit because I won’t know its too crazy or the same as how you always dress, you know? What I can recommend is jazzing up your plain outfits with some basic accessories to stand out.

Here are a few basic or “plain” outfits jazzed up with some simple accessories:

Question #2- I love the challenge of dressing your for the holidays with festive colors! Here are some options for you:

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