Dear Fashion Kitty, Staple Handbag

I have come on here before, and received perfect advice- I love this blog, and have recommended your site to all of my friends,cousins…hey! Even strangers! (Joking…hope that’s not creepy.) My sister doesn’t go online too often, so I’m hoping she won’t see this, but- can you help me?

I am looking for a great staple bag, preferably leather, but not a must. I’m thinking Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, etc. Tory Burch isn’t really her style, though I’m pretty open. She likes color, or brown or black. I am just in desperate need, as Christmas is coming soon and I have nothing!

First thing is first, thank you for recommending my blog to your friends!! That is so sweet of you and it’s amazing to hear. Also … can I be your sister?! You are one generous gift giver 😉 Now on to the bags.

When it comes to buying a handbag as a gift to someone a classic bag is best. Going too trendy is far too risky. I also like that you are going for leather, getting cheap-o “pleather” bag as a gift can be a real downer.

Here are some options that I chose for your sister:

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