Dear Fashion Kitty, SATC $5 Dress

I’m a fashion-curious girl from Europe and today I read Marie Claire! I admire your blog although I think it’s a little commercial. But hey, that’s you. Back to the business, there was a story about 10 famous dresses that changed the world. Number 8 was Sarah Jessica Parker’s Versace dress from Sex and the City what cost $79,000 and also there was mentioned as comparison to a $5 vintage dress what Sarah Jessica had wore also in Sex and the City. So, I Googled the dress but I couldn’t find it. So I’m asking help finding it.

Commercial eh? Alright, I suppose I will let that argument go and move on to your question. The $5 dress that Sarah Jessica Park wore is THE Sex and the City dress … The tutu dress that she wears in the opening credits.

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