Dear Fashion Kitty, Office Staples

I love your blog, I visit at least 2-3 times a day hoping for more inspiration, but I am in need of a little help now.

My office is relocating to a downtown upper scale building and along with the move our office dress code is also moving up with it. I haven’t had any problems getting the staple pieces that I need, but thought I would write hoping to see if you have any good ideas for me. I really would like to buy a few blazers to pair with my office attire. What would you consider to be great staple pieces for office attire?

Thanks for reading! So glad I am providing everyone with some fashion inspiration. I will try to keep the good flowing by posting often each day. Now, on to your question …

Dressing for the office doesn’t have to suck. It can even be fun to dress up for the office, especially when you add some trendy twists. It sounds like you have a handle on the staples, so I created three looks for you that incorporate office staples with some fashionable elements.

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