Dear Fashion Kitty, NYE Dress Help!

I’m going to a nice hotel NYE party in San Francisco and want to wear a dress that’s not black and has sleeves. After searching the local mall for hours, I ended up buying Max Studio’s purple orchid dress. I was planning on wearing black stockings and cute pumps. Is this outfit okay for a semi-formal party? I’m still bothered too that I paid $300 for a dress that I don’t know when I’ll wear again.

So do you have any recommendations for dresses with sleeves that I can wear for NYE that cost less than $200? Please let me know. Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
If you don’t love your Max Studio dress then you should probably take it back BUT I looked up your dress online and I really like it. I actually have a Betsey Johnson dress from 2005 that is similar but longer and I have taken it into a casual setting as well. Here are a couple looks for that dress AND a few other options that are under $200 for you.

Your look for New Years:

Your look for after New Years:

Some other options (although I like yours the best):

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