Dear Fashion Kitty, How to Wear Driving Gloves

For my 25th, my mom got me the driving gloves you had up on one of your Gossip Girl lists. They are a wheat/dove gray color, with open knuckles and all. I had been counting down the days til my birthday but now that I have them I’ve lost the confidence to wear them! I keep second guessing whether the rest of my outfit works with them. Can you show me a few outfits of how you would/do wear them in a Los Angeles climate? Thanks! Keep up the fabulous work.

I love driving gloves! I have a great pair of burgundy ones at home that I can’t wear because I can’t find the left glove. Anyhow, here are a few outfits that will work with a great pair of driving gloves.

Business casual:

Date night:

Dressed up and ready to go:

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  1. Thanks FashionKitty!!! Love it. Seems like a 3/4 sleeve coat is a sure bet.. and what’s your etiquette? Do you take them off when you go indoors? When having a drink?

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