Dear Fashion Kitty, Fashion Staples

I have recently looked through my closet a few days ago and I fell into shear panic as I realized I definately did not have any basic fashion staples. I love fashion and I do dress quite nicely, if I do say so myself, but i can see i have a couple of fancy and “loud” clothing but no LBD or some kind of cashmere sweater because I heard every girl needed one of those.

So, I was wondering if you can help me by giving me a list of things every fashionistas need. You probably answered my question somewhere in your massive Q and A’s but I searched and searched and could not find any (maybe I missed) but it would be wonderful if you can answer my question.

Btw, I love love love your blog and it is SO helpful!!…Thank you!!!

I had the same problem! I always bought the crazy stuff and one day realized that I didn’t have a white button down. The first thing I want to recommend to you is this, but The One Hundred by Nina Garica. It’s the ultimate list of what every fashionista should have in her closet. Seriously, it’s one of my few fashion bibles.

However, while you wait for your book to arrive … I do have a list for you.

Dresses and Suits

– LBD: a black dress that you can easily dress up or down, like a sheath or an A-line dress

– Black suit:
either a pantsuit or a skirt suit, whichever suits your style


– Blazer

– White button down top

– A shirts (wife beater): get them in the men’s dept at Target

– Cashmere sweater


– Pencil skirt: I would go with a black one

– Classic trousers: I like a wider leg in either black, gray, or a very discrete plaid

– Dark wash boot cut jeans: easy to dress up and way comfortable

– Skinny jeans: once a fad, this piece of denim has become a closet staple


– Black pumps: a pair that works for the office and for cocktails

– Ballet flats: a classic pair from Tory Burch or Marc Jacobs are my favorites

– Black tall boots: Frye is always a good choice


– Work appropriate tote: preferably leather

– Sunglasses: aviator and over-sized

– Wristwatch: I like an over-sized men’s watch

– Evening clutch: black is best


– Trench coat: tan is a classic must-have

– Leather jacket: black or brown

Those are my staples. If there are any that you think I missed, please toss ’em in the comments section.

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  1. Great picks for the staples. Don’t forget pashminas! For nights out, cold offices, to snug around the neck on a nippy day, plane rides, errand running… pretty much anytime, anywhere! Staple colours for me are one in black and one in a lighter colour, depending on your colouring (I prefer a light cream with my more medium/honey skin tone, but I’ve seen some ladies rock a camel coloured pashmina as well).

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