Dear Fashion Kitty, Dress Me: Plus Sized Pear Shape, tall

I must say that I absolutely love your blog! I’m sure you probably hear that all the time. I was never really that invested in my personal fashion until I happened to stumble upon your blog. It’s not that I couldn’t afford to be fashionable, it’s just that being plus size, there are not a whole lot of options out there (unless you REALLY like floral patterns! lol). But what I’ve learned, and loved the most about your blog, is that you don’t have to wear fashion head to toe, but little pieces here and there. Plus, the advice you recently gave to the 13 year old with the ugly clothes problem really sealed it all in for me. You basically told her to rock what she’s wearing, be confident in what she has on. I think that being confident in what I’m wearing is what I’ve been lacking. I’ve always though of myself as the hottie in ugly clothes, but not any more.

So, for your new Dress Me segment, could you give me a few pointers on dressing a plus size, pear shape? Oh, plus I’m tall, almost 6 foot. I’ve tried looking all over the net, but most people seem to want to dress you to hide your body shape, not embrace it.

And again, thanks for having an awesome blog!

Thank you so much for all of the kind words!! I am so glad that my materialism and un-curable obsessive shopping disorder are being used for good and not just for making me incredibly shallow and totally in debt 😉

Dress Me: Plus Sized, Tall, and Pear Shaped

Tips for your shape:

– A-line skirts and dress work well to balance out your lower half.

– 3/4 length tops work great because the sleeves ends right around your waist, which is a good feature for you to show off.

– Boot cut all the way when it comes to pants. The slight flair will do wonders in balancing out your body. Whatever you do, stay away from skinny jeans.

– Belted and boxy jackets are great choices. The belted option will define your waist and the boxy version will help balance out your hips. If you do with boxy make sure you add a statement necklace to draw attention to your face.

– Pointy pumps are your best friend. Since you are tall you can go with a kitten heel or a pointy flat but do pointy for sure!! You won’t be sorry.

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