Dear Fashion Kitty, Dress Me: Petite Hourglass

I was hoping you could do a bit for hourglass shape but petite? My clothing tends to be real casual (think: sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts) so any advice for that would be great.

Of course I can help! The clothes I recommended to you are all suggested to flatter your shape. I left out sneakers and tee shirts because a.) no sneaker in the world is figure flattering to anyone and b.) a tee-shirt is a tee-shirt, basically.

I tried to keep everything casual enough so you can mix the pieces into your casual wardrobe.

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Tips for your body type:

– Trouser jeans are a great option for elongating your legs and balancing out the hips.

– A pointy toe pump or a loafer (with an extended toe) works great with pants.

– Try slingback shoes when wearing dresses. It keeps a clean, long line for your legs.

– Halter tops and dresses that have a banded waist shows off your best features and hide the less than perfect areas.

– Find jackets that hit at the smaller part of your waist or sit right on top of your hips.

– Rouching on a cardigan can bring attention to your tiny waist.

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