Dear Fashion Kitty, Cashmere Mafia Cape

For ages have been looking for a similar cape as Miranda Otto had for a photoshoot in the episode 4 “The Deciders” of “Cashmere Mafia.”

Any advice- idea where hers been coming from and where to find similar???

Very cute cape! Whatever happened to Cashmere Mafia anyways? Did it go off the air?? Well wherever it went, I did find a few capes that you might like.

This one from the LL Collezioni at Bloomingdales has a similar cut and a color (teal instead of green) and is on sale for $114.

If green is what you are looking for then you could go with this one from Max Studio. It’s a little more urban than the on from CM but it’s still really cute. This one is also on sale for $128.

That’s all I could dig up for now. If I find anymore I will update the post.

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