Dear Fashion Kitty, Bubble Dress

I need help finding a bubble skirt or dress for new years, yes I know I’m kinda early. It needs to be short, since I am not that tall and I would prefer any shade of pink. I’m thinking like the emerald green dress Serena wore on the runway for Gossip Girl, but a lot more low key. If it’s a skirt I was thinking of pairing it with a plain black shirt and along strand of knotted pearls, and hot shoes of course! Oh and I have a budget of $100-$150!

P.S- Check out the dress Nicole is wearing, I’d even love something like that in a more vibrant colour! I’m trying to stay away from electric blue since that’s what I wore last new years.

Everyone loves a good bubble dress for the holidays. I know I do, allows me to hide the fact that I probably had one too many Xmas cookies.

Here are a few of my favorites …

FashionKitty's recommendations at ThisNext

1.) Betsey Johnson- Black floral embroidered sateen strapless bubble dress for $201. A little over budget but worth it in my eyes. It’s amazing and versatile.

2.) Betsey Johnson- Sweet charity dress for a mere $120. It’s bright and will definitely draw some attention on NYE.

3.) A.B.S.- Silver metallic brocade bubble mini dress for $145. This will look so cute with black tights and sexy heels.

You might also enjoy this one too. Very Serena and very bubbly …

Sean Collection Strapless Tiered Bubble Dress at Nordstrom for $135

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