Dear Fashion Kitty, Boots with Some Height!

I’m starting grad school in January, in NYC. Here’s the deal, I’m really short 4’11’ and I’ve been searching desperately for boots. I need some height, and comfort is key also.

Do you have any recommendations??

Girl, I am the queen of adding on height so of course I can help you. Just today I tried on some amazing Giuseppe wedges at Intermix. Honey they were on sale and I so should have bought them. Anyhow … moving on.

The best way to add inches (vertically) without discomfort is to wear a wedge or a thick stacked heel. I also find that for shorter girls, not going too high up the leg is best. A mid calf boot works really well for gals like yourself. I have recommended some taller ones for you because you never know until you try them on.

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