A Very Fashion Kitty Christmas

6’ Pre-lit Pink Tree

I purchased this trashy little Christmas tree today at the second most horrible place on earth, Big Lots! Wal-Mart takes first place for the most horrible place on earth. Anyways, I powered through the terror called that store and made it to the back with all of the trees. To my delight there were trees better than I ever could have imagined.

And there it was …

My pink piece of glory and for only $50. I put it up already and it looks great. I am waiting to put up on ornaments. I do that on Thanksgiving with a bottle of champagne. it’s a llttle thing I call tradition and I am not trying to break that.

I also got a bad ass tree skirt. It clashes like crazy but its just clashy enough to work. It’s red with a furry leopard print trim. I will take pictures once the tee is complete 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Very Fashion Kitty Christmas”

  1. I got that same pink tree at big lots last year…I got the last one and they never any more in around these parts. I love tacky christmas trees!

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