Dress Me: Hourglass, Average Height Woman

I am starting a new series of lists called Dress Me!! These lists will cater to different body types. I was inspired by the book Dress Your Best by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. Getting dressed doesn’t come easy for most especially if you aren’t built like hanger, er, model.

The first list I made is for my own body type “hourglass, average height.” If you have a certain body you want me to make a list for, email me at [email protected].


I hate the word “curvy” it’s usually a code word for fat, so I am using “hourglass” instead. These tips are for woman with boobs and butt but also have a tiny waist. You will think a body like that is a blessing but it can actually be quite tricky to dress (I own this bod so I know.) Here are some great pieces to wear for this body type.

Dress Me: Hourglass, Average Height Woman

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One thought on “Dress Me: Hourglass, Average Height Woman”

  1. Oh my God! You’re right! It’s actually tough sometimes to dress an hourglass average height woman.

    I read these fashion magazines, and whenever they have a “Dress for Your Body Type” article, they only have 4 types: Petite (which I’m not), Curvy (considering I don’t have an ass or large boobs, I’m not), Athletic (nope), and Plus-size (not that either). Here I am, small boobs, flat ass, and I actually have hips and a waist.

    Grrr… Anyways, nice to know someone else is somewhat like this too! I just found this tonight when I googled “clubbing clothes for winter.” So thanks.

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