Dear Fashion Kitty, Leggings Outfit

I am going to NYC in a few weekends for a friends birthday–and he and all his fab gay friends expect nothing but the best. I want to rock wet leggings…but I am not sure what to wear with them. I have been looking around, mainly because I have some discount codes for them. Any ideas? The more outrageous the better….I ain’t scurred.

LOL! Scurred is one of the best words around isn’t it? Anyways. I love the wet leggings/ leather like leggings look. I rock it ALL the time. Let’s stick with Revolve for shopping because a.) they are fabulous and b.) you have some discount codes.

When I visited the Revolve Store on Melrose, I saw the most fabulous leggings by Costume Dept. Their leggings are pretty darn crazy so if you decide to go with those, keep it simple on top. Joyrich also has some crazy leggings too, if you want to go that route.

But what I really recommend is going with black leggings that have a little extra oomph to them. You will get a ton of mileage out of them and they just look cool.

Go with one of these …

Black Rat leggings by Sass & Bide-
I own these and LOVE them (wear them all the time.) They make my ass looking banging and the rouching details makes them different from the rest.

Daryl K contoure leggings- Mmmm, these are sexy. Wear them with crazy strappy “I’m gonna kick your ass” heels for maximum effect.

Stylein Holly leggings-
These are some kind of awesome. I am actually going to order a pair now because I can’t resist them.

No matter what pair you choose, this look will have your NYC friends way impressed and jealous (in a good way.)

Dear Fashion Kitty, Leggings Outfit

Take your hot little leggings and pair them up with a Lauren Moshi top (I have one and it’s fab.) The Lauren Moshi top is perfect because it’s stylish and long enough to cover the booty. Wear some amazing heels because, who doesn’t love an amazing pair of heels? A boxy fur (faux or real) vest will keep you warm and balance out the proportion of the longer top. Add a clutch, a statement necklace and you are good to go.

Have fun!

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