Dear Fashion Kitty, White is the New Black?

I need help! I bought a dress exactly like the one in attached pic…in white..there were only black and white where I bought it. And I don’t know why, I just thought I have enough black dresses and should go for white this time. The problem is it’s made of an organza like material (if there’s such a thing) and when I tried it on, it makes me look like a bridesmaid!.. And I thought I’ll keep it at a dark corner of my wardrobe and try to forget I bought it.

Then I saw your White Nights list on TN and thought ‘why didn’t I think of getting professional help?’…So here I am, writing to get professional help. Hoping you could give me some inspirations on how to wear that white dress and still don’t look/feel like I’m at a wedding.

Good choice with the white! We seem to be on the same fashionable page with this new white trend.

Definitely go with my advice on my White Nights list and pair this baby up with black opaque tights. That small change alone will take you right out of bridesmaid territory. I would also suggest adding a big brooch to the gathered waist band on this dress. Don’t go with anything too dressy looking. Try for something funky (even potentially ugly.) I actually think this one from AX would look cool.

If you really want out of bridesmaidville, add a cropped leather motorcycle jacket. A denim cropped jacket would also do the trick.

Hope that advice was helpful and be sure to take a picture of your final outfit for me 🙂

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