Dear Fashion Kitty, UGG Cardy

I recently purchase some cardigan UGG boots and want to know how is the correct way to wear them. I have folded them over and had the large buttons on the outside but they seem to stick out of the sides too much!

I have been looking on the net and cannot find a picture of anyone in any to see how they wear them. All the advertisements show them rolled down with the large buttons on the outside or folder over with the small buttons on the outside.

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I haven’t ever tried on a pair of Cardy UGGs so I can’t give you a truly informed opinion but I will get you an opinion all the same.

What I recommend is to not fold them over but to scrunch them down instead (like the center photo.) Experiment with them and once you get the look that you like the most, stick with that.

And just for kicks, here are a couple outfits to wear with your UGGs Cardies.

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