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I’m a big fan of your blog and recommendations on ThisNext! I’ve been a silent reader for the longest time but now I have to ask you something! Weirdly, it’s not really a fashion question. I saw that you’ve been into raw foods lately… and I’m really interested in starting a raw foods diet too. I bought some of the raw food bars that you’ve reviewed on ThisNext and they were pretty great. Anyway, I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me:)

Check out my answers in purple 🙂

1. Does eating raw foods make you feel different?

It does, a little. It definitely gives me more energy and I feel “cleaner” when I eat raw.

2. What are some of the best “raw foods” snacks? Where can I get them?

I find all of all my raw snacks at Whole Foods. The Whole Foods by my house has a isle that is raw. I go for raw almonds, fruit, and Larabars.

3. Has it made you lose any weight?

It does help me lose weight. When I first started eating raw I planned on doing it permanently BUT my trainer yelled at me because this diet doesn’t allow me to get enough to protein for my fitness goals. When I feel like dropping a few pounds (about 5lbs) or if I want to detox from all of the toxic stuff I consume on the weekends — I go raw.

4. Besides snacks, what are some other raw foods that you eat (besides fruit)?

When I go out I eat sushi and when I cook at home I try to get crafty with salads/ veggies. I found a lot of great recipes on this site.

5. Is it really really hard to be on a raw foods diet?

It is hard. Its fun and challenging at first to eat raw but after the honeymoon period wears off, its hard as hell. Eating raw makes it nearly impossible to go out to eat (you usually have one or two choices on the menu) and with any restricted diet … you get cravings.

I honestly suggest going raw during the week and eating normal on weekends or going raw one or two weeks out of the month for a detox.

6. Do you have any recipes for me? 🙂

Most of my recipes are totally made up with whatever veggies I picked up at the store or farmers market. Try this site for ideas and create your own variations based on the food you like.

That’s it basically. And if you could tell me as MUCH as you can about the raw foods diet and your experience with it, I’d really appreciate it.

I hope that was helpful!! Good luck on your raw foods diet.

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