Dear Fashion Kitty, Outfit Help

I learned about your website because I follow you on Twitter. I have a question in regards to 2 different outfits.

1.) The first is an outfit I have put together in my mind. Tell me if its a go or not. Black turtleneck with a gray vest that has kind of a black tint to it. Black shorts, a bright opaque pair of stockings (like either teal or purple maybe) and I have a pair of suede slouch Stevens with a buckle on the side that I would wear with it. Or I thought about adding the color at the top and being plain at the bottom. Like a colored turtleneck and black tights, but would that be too much black at the bottom? What, if anything would you change about this ensemble in particular?

2.) I have this really cute tunic kinda thing I got from the Gap (out of all places). It was like a hidden treasure. Its an electric kind of royal blue and sheer. Its pretty long (mid-thigh length) and very loose but still sexy. What should I pair this top with. I’m lost as far as shoes and bottoms. All I’ve decided on is a black cami underneath. Or should I do something different from that?

PLEASE HELP!!! Lol…I’m so frickin’ lost.

Relax, they are only clothes 😉 I didn’t even believe that one. LOL. Let’s break it down

Outfit #1- Go with the black turtleneck, gray vest, black shorts, and the purple tights. Teal will be too bright. The purple is the perfect compliment to the gray. I might even add a purple or red bangle to bring a little color to the top of the ensemble.

Outfit #2-For the tunic outfit. Go with a black camisole, black leggings and black boots. Then add a pair of wild earrings and a ring for an extra punch of color.

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