Dear Fashion Kitty, Marc Jacobs Backwards Heels

I know it’s old news, but I just saw it revived again in the latest People (or Us…one of those trashy mags). I’m talking about the Marc Jacobs reverse heel… I thought this “shocker” had died down and been buried in old fashion news, but I just saw it featured again in this tabloid. So since apparently it’s back in the spotlight, what’s your take on it? Whack or genius?

That is a piece of old fashion news isn’t it? I gotta say that I love Marc and I totally think he is a genius. Even the ugliest/ weirdest Marc creations are pretty much amazing (at least based on concept.) Take that hideous bag he designed that was like 15 LV bags sewn into one. It looked like hell (in my opinion) but after watching the concept go from idea to reality on his documentary — it makes it freaking genius.

So basically what I am saying is, these shoes are genius. I actually saw a girl wearing them in Fred Segal a few months ago and they looked great.

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