Dear Fashion Kitty, Little J’s Style

I gotta say, Little J is certainly stepping up her style on GG!

I was unsure of the whole emo make-up, bleached short cut thing, but I have to admit, it’s growing on me. I liked her as a good girl, but this edgy look is really what she needs right now…and, apparently? What I need as well! I’m sick of being the preppy, Abercrombie mainstream label whore. Don’t, get me wrong, I love me some A&F super skinnies (how Jenny are THESE?!)

But I’ve started to branch out and take risks. (One boutique, in particular, Jupe, in my hometown of Pittsburgh, is my new fave!) There’s one problem, how do I begin this transformation without looking like a poser and loosing what I love-a slightly preppy look with everything, whether it be a cardigan, a headband, or flats…?

I have a slender frame like Jenny, am 5’7’ish, and don’t fit into anything that isn’t super-tight. I have a problem with looking too lanky in fancy, strapless dresses especially. My thin arms and flat chest are at point of high dislike, I have to wear tops with detailing or they have to be close fitting to work. So, Fashion Kitty, are you ready to make me over?

I would love to make you over! Its a good idea to go in stages when changing your look and it’s more cost efficient. I would recommend starting with the hair /makeup and start incorporating more edgy pieces into your preppy wardrobe.

For the hair and makeup: To avoid looking like a “poser” I wouldn’t copy her hair and makeup exactly. Find a cut you like and that fits your face and go with that. THEN you can color your hair blond — plus that will be just be fun.

A dark eye is great for makeup but I think we can all admit that Jenny laid it on a bit thick. Go to a makeup counter and learn how to create a day time smokey eye. You may even want to experiment with color. Right now I am all about a blue smokey eye.

For the clothes: Keep your preppy duds, I am sure they are cute and you paid a lot of money for them. To update those clothes add in fun pieces like sweaters that have skulls on them. I love the idea of mixing preppy patterns like stripes with plaid.

There is also the obvious and inexpensive option of adding accessories. An arm full of bracelets, spikes, and layered necklaces can go a long way.

Here are a couple of outfit ideas to get you started:

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