Dear Fashion Kitty, Little J’s H&M Dress

I heard through the grapevine that this fabulous dress Little J is wearing on “There Might Be Blood,” is from, gulp, H&M! However, when I went to the Southside Works in my hometown of Pittsburgh this weekend it was no where to be found. So what’s the deal? Is this chic little thing really from H&M? Or is it designer?

The grapevine was right, that dress that Jenny wears on Gossip Girl is from H&M. Unfortunately, as with most items on Gossip Girl the clothes are sold out before the show airs. I would recommend scouring eBay for it settle for an alternative, I found a few you might like.

1.) Black Lace Halterneck White Dresses by Jessica McClintock for $120. This dress has the shape, the length and the color story right (price isn’t too bad either.)

2.) This dress from White House Black Market called the Akana Cocktail Dress is only $48! It has the shape and color story — that’s about it though.

3.) This one is stripey so it could work for you as well. The dress is by Tocca and is on sale at BlueFly for $136.

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