Dear Fashion Kitty. Lipstick Jungle Style

I love Lipstick Jungle and especially Victory. Her style is perfect! On the last episode when Joe came to rescue them from being stuck in the woods driving home from their weekend getaway, Victory is wearing this blue and brown plaid blazer with leather(?) elbow pads. I love love love it! I wanted to know if you know where I could find that exact one or something similar to it?!?

Unfortunately Lipstick Jungle has fallen off of my radar. I haven’t seen the show in a long time and without a picture I can’t find the exact blazer that you are describing. I did find two that fit the description, hopefully one of these is close.

1.) Smythe Equestrian Jacket at Nordstrom is pretty amazing. It’s no longer available online but it may be in a Nordstrom store near you.

2.) I also love the Funny Cide Jacket in Camel by Diane von Furstenberg, it’s on sale now too.

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