Dear Fashion Kitty, Jenny’s Style

I just joined “This Next” and… I am a Huuuuge Gossip Girl fan. Especially of the newly rebellious Jenny Humphrey, and her newly rebellious look. I’m in need of some accessories that fit that style. and some basic tops. Can you help me? I’ve got the shoes, and hair and makeup but I’m having trouble with the rest.

Thanks for joining ThisNext, I love having all of my fashionistas under one fashionable roof. I too love Jenny’s style. Looks like she might be turning away from it since she moved back home … let’s hope not.

Hair and makeup are the biggest two factors in getting her look, so it’s great you’ve got those down. Here are some other key Jenny elements that will help you get her look.

– Basics: Black opaque tights, black leggings, baggy tee shirts in gray and black, black motorcycle jacket, slouchy cashmere sweaters. All of these pieces will make a great backdrop for a Jenny Humphrey look.

– Plaid: Go with plaid mini dresses, skirts, and tops. Avoid “lumberjack” looking plaids and go with larger graphic plaids, that’s much more fashion forward.

– Stripes: Jenny is also a fan of wide stripes. Black and white are best to get her look.

– Piles of bracelets and necklaces: The more the merrier with the accessories to nab this look. Tarina Tarantino is a favorite with Jenny (and me) as is Alex + Chloe, and even accessories from the lower priced retailer Nine West.

Gossip Girl Fashion: Jenny Humphrey

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