Dear Fashion Kitty, Gray Skinny Jeans

I just found the perfect pair of gray skinny jeans, but I don’t know what to pair them with. I looked for pictures, and the looks I saw were flesh toned tops on tall, light skinned, blond girls, unlike me, brown hair, petite, with olive skin. Can you please give me some ideas on what to wear them with? Help me I’m clueless!

I bought a pair of J Brand gray skinny jeans years ago and never wore them because I couldn’t find the perfect outfit for them. Now that I have mastered the gray skinny, I wear them all the time. I usually go with a simpler base outfit, like a black cashmere sweater, riding boots, and a cute hat. Here is an outfit for you to try that can be accessorize to suit your taste.

Something else to try (a bit more daring) is head to toe gray. Mix and match with different shades, textures, and layers to enhance the look.

One thing to avoid with gray jeans is pairing them with colors that are too bright (you will look crazy.) Also remember, if you look at yourself and say “this outfit would look better with blue jeans”, then you should probably change. Gray jeans can be tricky but they aren’t impossible. Good luck!

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