Dear Fashion Kitty, Blair’s Shirt Dress

I have yet another fashion question for you. I know this so last year (literally) but I am still obsessed with Blair’s shirt dress she wore on Bad News Blair last season. I’ve attached a photo. I’ve been looking for this dress ever since it came out and to no avail. Hope you can help me out with this one again. Thanks a bunch, and I think you’re pretty awesome at what you’re doing. 🙂

Awww thanks! Finding a dress from last year is a bit of challenge because during season 1 of Gossip Girl, by the time the episodes aired the clothes were almost a season old. I did dig up some similar belted shirt dresses that might satisfy your fashionable craving.

– This one by Nilli Lotan is on sale and great for an everyday look.

– I really love this one by Stewart + Brown too! The blue color is totally hot.

– The shape of this one from Coldwater Creek is black but has the shape down.

– Finally, there is this one. It really isn’t close but its by DVF and its freaking amazing (Blair would love it too.

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