Dear Fashion Kitty, Blair Waldorf Splurge

Your website is the fashionista’s bible! I have a dilemma- I want to splurge on an amazing Blair Waldorf clothing item as my late b-day gift to myself (also on November 4!) but it needs to be practical for school. I have enough coats, silk scarves and headbands; I just need one “something ah-mazing!”

Fashionista’s bible, eh? Best compliment ever!!! Thank you. Now lets get down to business, fellow Scorpio 🙂

This is a touch decision but I have narrowed it down to five school-worthy items that I would snatch out of Blair’s closet.

1.) Milly Ribbon Bow Cardigan: I have been obsessing over this cardigan well before it was on the show.

2.) Gene Heel – Blue, L.A.M.B.: Because I love LAMB shoes and these are utterly fabulous!

3.) 14K White Gold Diamond Initial (1/10 Carat) B Pendant w/Chain: Get it in your own initial, this necklace will stay in style forever.

4.) Tory Burch Women’s Printed Canvas Tote: This was on the show (duh) and Tory Burch is a very “Blair” brand. This roomy tote is big enough to carry your school books in it too.

5.) CARDIGAN by Lynne Hiriak – Isabelle V-Neck Cardigan, Red: Its so simple but something about that shade of red is drawing me right in.

And if you don’t like any of those … Here are a bunch of Blair Waldorf fashions to choose from.

Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair Waldorf

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