Dear Fashion Kitty, Bad Clothes Gone Good?

I’m 13 I am in a big mess with my fashion, see I have to go shopping with my mom and she always buys me these weird clothes and it’s not cool, it’s just grrr. I like dont have anything … Can u give me advice on how to make me look good in like bad clothes ppplllzzz!!!!

I think we have all been in that position with our mothers. When I was younger I definitely had much different taste than my mom, which made shopping a challenge. I remember this one pair of striped overalls, which by the way were shorts, that my mom bought for me … awful! Anyways, enough of my scarring fashion memories. Let’s help you with your problem.

1.) Change the way you shop with your mom:

– When you are heading into the fitting room bring in some pieces that you like to try on for her. You will get a lot of sour faces but occasionally you will get the pieces that you want.

– Be honest with your mom (in a nice way.) If something is truly hideous, let her know that it’s just going to be a waste of money to purchase it.

– Compromise. For every four ugly pieces she buys you, you get to add in one pick of your own.

2.) Get crafty: If you know how to sew, break out the sewing machine and turn those fug clothes into something you love. If you don’t know how to sew, take a class. Learning to sew is fun and pretty darn useful if you are into fashion.

3.) Exercise your styling muscles: Pull out some magazines to find the looks you love. You might be surprised what you can do to ugly clothes to make them cool. Layering and adding accessories can add some much needed magic to ugly clothes.

4.) Be confident: Wear your clothes with confidence. Be one of those girls that looks amazing in a paper bag. Pull your hair together in a nice way, stand up straight, and work it.

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