Dear Fashion Kitty, Silk Scarves

Okay, I know scarves are in, but are silk scarves back in style? What about for the workplace, are silk scarves a “thing of the past” and if they aren’t, how can I make them look new again?

I have Googled and Googled until I’m blue in the face and really haven’t found a good answer.

Silk scarves never go out of style and if I had it my way they would replace all of those other scarves that we are seeing too much of. I have a ton and wear them all the time. I mostly wear them in my hair to workout in — they keep my hair from looking a hot mess when I leave the gym and it’s my little trademark at the gym.

Recently I have been experimenting with silk scarves and right now my favorite way to wear them is in a bow around my neck. You take a long silk scarf, drape it around your neck, then tie it in a big bow. It gives the look of those stylish secretary scarves and looks very chic in the office. If you do this same thing with a square silk scarf you run the risk of looking old fashioned.

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