Dear Fashion Kitty, Serena’s Studded Bag

I know this is an old episode and you probably answered my question but do you know where the bag is from?? I think it would look so hot if i used it as like a school bag, it would make any outfit look cool and im really sorry to ask you this too but do you know if there is a cheaper version??

I’m still a 16-year-old-getting-$8-and-hour-babysitting-and-need-money-for-gas teenager…

That is a hot bag. Totally worth obsessing over. Since the bag is pretty old, I wasn’t able to find the exact same one but I did find some alternatives.

Leather Pyramid Stud X Body

This Leather Pyramid bag from TopShop has the studs but not the size. It’s only $60 though, not too bad to at least get the look of that awesome bag Serena carries.

There is also this adorable (and expensive clutch) from Sonia Rykiel. The studs are dead on but the shape is all wrong. Of course this is all right for a night on the town.

Fossil got the look the best, considering the options that I found. This one is has the shape, the studs, and it’s on sale.

And finally, one a semi-related note … Can we please feast our eyes on this studded piece of work by Sonia Rykiel? Holy hotness Batman.

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