Dear Fashion Kitty, Serena’s Headband

I came across a post you did on about this season’s premier of Gossip Girl. You said that you were digging around to find the chain headband that Blake Lively wore at the white party – did you ever have any luck? I want to steal that look for my wedding next summer!

Feather Cluster Necklace

I found it yesterday!!! I was doing some browsing (and um, buying some sunglasses) in West Hollywood at Live! On Sunset, when I looked up and saw it.

What I saw was a bunch of chain necklaces on a mannequin behind the cash register. I asked to see one and darn it, it was it. Even if it isn’t the exact same one it will do the trick. The girl in the store tried it on and it looks exactly the same.

The necklace is Live! On Sunset’s brand, which happens to be the same company that makes Top Shop’s jewelry. So if you aren’t in Los Angeles you can order it online.

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  1. how can i buy this i really love it and i want it for my prom can you help me out! i clicked on the order it online and the oriental trading company isn’t very helpful

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