Dear Fashion Kitty, Little J’s Shoes and Hair

This is a two part request, but I’m sure a fashionista like you is up for the challenge! First, I am in dire need of some adorable pumps that I can wear to school without being too dressy. Think a la Little J on Gossip Girl. I can’t walk well in something too high (I lack balance in a big way), and I have a narrow foot (8.5). I want something versatile that I can also wear with a cute pair of cutoff socks. Pretty much, they need to be timeless chic. So…where can I find my dream shoes?! 🙂

And two, I want to style my hair like J as well, but my hair has trouble with holding a curl. How do I create the little ringlets that she so effortlessly sports?

I can definitely help you with the shoes but the hair, we might need some reader comments to help you out there. I battle my hair everyday to get the curls out! Never to put them in. If I were to tell you anything I would say to try those neat-o looking foam bendy curlers and some Loreal Elnett – Extra Strong Hold Hairspray.

Now onto the shoes, what I really know about … All of these have a wide enough heel

There are these from Endless (also less than $50.) The t-strap cut it totally Jenny Humphrey and come in black or silver.

This pair of red round toe Mary-Janes are on sale for $39.50 at Piperlime, how cut are these with black and white polka dot socks like Little J.

This black and gray pair have a bit higher of a heel but are wide enough that I think you could balance it out. They are only $49.99 at Piperlime.

Finally, these yellow round toe pumps from Charlotte Russe for a mere $22.99

2 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Little J’s Shoes and Hair”

  1. I love jenny’s clothes!!
    I have a golden dress just like hers!
    I want to wear it with tights…or any other acessories.
    Any suggestions?

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