Dear Fashion Kitty, Handbag Help!

I want to get my wife a cool handbag for a birthday gift. What do you suggest within
a $200 – 300 budget?

Lucky lady. I would want someone to buy me a fancy handbag for my birthday, which HINT HINT … is November 4th. Here are a few options for ya:

My number one choice for your wife’s bag would be the Dylan Patchwork Speedy by Linea Pelle. Linea’s bags are AWESOME. The leather is so soft and they have been in all of the magazines. This bag is on sale for $318 (you can throw in a few bucks extra, she is your wife and all), marked down from $425. It comes in a variety of colors from you to choose from. I would stay safe and go with black but if you know she loves blue or red, go for one of those.

This one by Hype is only $195. It’s roomy, a versatile color, has plenty of style and nothing overly trendy or obnoxious, which will of course make her hate it and make you feel like sad after she returns it to the store.

The Francesco Biasia ‘Olga Two Heaven’ satchel is on sale for $306 at Bluefly and it’s VERY sexy. I also LOVE this exclusive Snake Turnlock Satchel from Bloomingdales and it’s only $299.

Try to stay away from brands like Coach and Dooney & Burke. They scream cliche and old lady, which we don’t want. Out of what I recommended I would flip a coin between the snake bag from Bloomies and the Linea Pelle. Let me know how it all goes.

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