Dear Fashion Kitty, Gossip Girl Jumper

I am looking for a black jumper with button straps that was worn on the Gossip Girl episode called “The Ex-Files.” The girl wearing it was the girl sitting next to Blair (not Serena, but the other girl – I couldn’t find her name) in the picture I’ve attached. She was wearing it when Jenny went up to her (on behalf of Vanessa) to ask her where Blair was. And she said, “Don’t think we’ve forgotten what happened last year…”

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to find a picture of it. Trust me, I looked! Also, if you know of one that is tweed or any other color/pattern, that would be great too!

I was able to take a screen shot the episode to show everyone what you mean 🙂 I would imagine you could find the exact same one at a school uniform store but I did manage to find some like it elsewhere on the web.

This jumper from ITW by Claude Brown Women’s Ponte Jumper is $128 and is personally my favorite out of the ones that I found. It’s not much like the one from the show but it’s pretty darn good looking.

The Tamara jumper in blush is on sale for $91 and has the button detail that you were looking for.

I love the price on this jumper from Delias. It is cut a lot lower but it’s dirt cheap, so who cares!

Finally there is this one from Laundry by Design. It has the button details and it’s on sale for $127.

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