Dear Fashion Kitty, Find Me Out of Season Styles

I’m in dire need of your help to track down two items from last season (so they should be on sale, right?). The first is a pair of Marc Mouse flats (adorable!), but not the new ones (that look kind of 3D).

The second is an Anna Sui sweater vest (it was black and pink) that was in the lookbook, but doesn’t seem to be there anymore. They were showing it with magenta skinny jeans. I wish I had some pictures for you, but hopefully, from one fashionista to another, you know what I mean.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes Mouse Flat

I love the original Marc Jacobs mouse flats! The newer non-3D ones just don’t compare. I found a few pairs on Zappos on sale for a little over $200. I am still lusting after this leopard print pair from 2007. I am still kicking myself for not buying them when I had the chance.

As for the Anna Sui, I assume you mean this one from her Spring 2008 runway show. Great sweater and I totally loved that runway show … I think it was the crazy colored hair that got me hooked.

I searched high and low but came up short. I found other Anna pieces from that show but not this one. For some reason buyers didn’t jump on this look as hard as others. If anyone knows where to find this sweater, please leave it in the comments section.

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