Dear Fashion Kitty, Cute Flats

I love your blog and your style 🙂 I love my pumps (especially my Betsey ones!) but I am looking to pump-up my flats collection. I am looking for a few cute pairs to wear w/ my skinny or straight leg jeans and a pair to go w/ my work skinny leg dress slacks during the winter season. I would greatly appreciate any advice on what you think would work for the colder season! I’ve been on the prowl but I figured I’d ask you as well since you always recommend cute things.

I am a heels girl too but a good pair of flats is necessary. The best investment I made was a pair of Marc Jacobs ballet flats. I wear them all the time and they look great with everything. Here are three of my favorite flats of the moment. They are all comfortable and stylish. Enjoy!

FashionKitty's "cuteflats" picks

My first love in flats are by Marc Jacobs (far right.) I have these in black with a white bow (minus the strap.) They are comfortable and always stylish. I also like these if you are into a cleaner design.

Hollywould is also known for their ballet flats (center.) These come in a variety of colors too. Pink is my favorite but they aren’t always versatile if you know what I mean.

Finally, there are the white pair by Velvet Angels. I pretty much love all of Joe Ponce’s designs but I never looked too closely at his flats. Well during the VOOM show this weekend most of the models had these flats on and they looked great.

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