Dear Fashion Kitty, Chic Ski Clothes

I’m going snow skiing in a couple of months and I was wondering if you would give me some ideas on how to make ski clothes chic and fashionable. I’d love to find a great coat and pants. I would really appreciate your advice! thanks so much!

That so funny that you ask this question. Last week as I was unpacking I found a pair of yellow Marc Jacobs Moon Boots that I just had to have when I lived in DC. I never wore them but I will also never get rid of them. I always thought ‘these would be amazing for a ski trip’ (for hanging out, no skiing of course) but I know damn well I will never go. The one time I went snowboarding, it ended in tears — okay pouting and whining. I don’t know how to cry.

Anyways … I do have some ideas for you. All ideas that might make me a little jealous. Being in LA will keep me from all of these cold-weather numbers.

I will take any excuse to wear a puffy coat and I think skiing is the perfect excuse. Here a few options depending on your personal style, I happen to love them all.

Shiny-shiny puffy time: Nothing says I am on trendy snow bunny like a patent puffer. If you are feeling extra wild go for a colored version. But if I were you I would go with a chic cut in black.

Going Down: I love a nice down coat. They are so warm and are even better with a fur hood. My favorite is this one by Ralph Lauren, which is pretty pricey. Another option (for the fraction of the price) is this one by Andrew Marc.

Structural Style: For a I am so euro look. Go for a structural style coat that will definitely turn heads like this one by Add.

After you get the coat then the fun really begins. Go for gigantic ski goggles and a fun hat. I would keep the gloves basic. No need to look like we are 3 years with Frosty Freeze gloves. If you can find amazing boots, that’s great too but if you can’t go basic there too.

Goggles: I like Von Zipper brand — Zappos has a nice selection. HaberVision also makes a nice pair. I sent fellow fashion blogger Hope Robertson a pair and she was a fan!

Hats: I like totally ridiculous furry hats like these below by Mischa Lampert and Lutz & Patmos.

FashionKitty's "hats" picks

Obviously all of this advice is by a girl who doesn’t go outside and girl who bitched when I had to get off of the chairlift … So if anyone who ACTUALLY skis has advice, please chime in.

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