Shopping at Patricia Field

I went into the Patricia Field store today and LOVED it. I almost left the store and realized I didn’t see any shoes, weird. I asked the woman who was working the floor if there were any shoes. She told me downstairs. Wait, what … there is a downstairs?!

The downstairs was amazing. Tons of wigs, which I am totally getting a light pink bob wig. There were shoes and some sexy accessories. I gravitated right towards these black and white shoes. I picked them up and thought they were pretty darn cute but when I turned them around everything changed. I realized that the heels were fashioned to look like brass knuckles!!!

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I was over the moon by this time but my shopping companion quickly reminded me that I was on a shopping ban. I begged to be pardoned and made up a “travel clause.” I got a look back that sorta of said “you are insane” but my companion was willing to reason with me. He said that if they were under $100 I could get them. He clearly assumed that they would be over $100 and I have to admit I agreed. I said, “Ummm how about $120. He wasn’t budging. So I said fine let’s ask the clerk how much they are.

Guess how much? $74 baby!!! Score! Mine, mine, mine. And since I had some money left over I got myself a $20 pair of polly pumps. Today was pretty much my day for shoes. So glorious, so glorious.

Oh yeah, and the icing on the fashionable cake was next door there was random doggie in the window. Isn’t she cute … a little Fashion Poodle.

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