Picture Perfect: Part 1

As part of my plan for (fashion) world domination I am working on a press kit, which includes fabulous photos of moi. I mean you can’t have a press kit without pictures now can you? No, you can’t and some crusty old pictures of me at the club simply won’t do. So I headed downtown to Allen Zaki’s studio for some professional fashion photography. I styled the five looks for the shoot, had a fabulous hair and makeup person (who made me look like a certified hottie), and of course Allen behind the camera.

Naughty and nice was kind of my theme. I combined mens fashion with girly Betsey clothes, spikes and studs with sexy Yoga Army pieces and of course it wouldn’t be me without a touch of vintage too.

I was totally nervous going in but I ended up having a blast. Sitting in the hair and makeup chair for 2 hours was too much fun, which sounds sarcastic but I am totally serious. Tiffani (makeup artist) was a hoot and Allen is a doll. We gossiped about bad TV and looked at fashion magazines … I was pretty much in heaven.

I brought along some of my favorite shoes … a different pair for every outfit.

Once it was time to shoot I thought I was going to be all scared, self-conscious, and awkward but as it turns out … I am a freaking natural 😉 I didn’t even do that stupid “way too big” smile thing that I do all the time. I just jammed out to Britney Spears and Fergie and hammed it up for the camera.

I am really excited about seeing the photos and of course I will post them here so make sure you come on back to read part 2!

Fashion Kitty's First Photo Shoot with Allen Zaki

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