NY Fashion Week Diary Day 3: Seriously PETA?

I have only seen PETA protesters on television ruining fashion people’s fun (storming the runways, throwing fake blood on people) but I have never seen them in person … until now.

Now don’t get me wrong animals are cool and all but seriously, leave people alone. Those nutty ass protesters got on the runway at DKNY and were shouting like maniacs outside of the tents.
But here is the best part …

Its SPRING you morons!!! No one is wearing fur in the spring. Maybe I missed the memo but I am pretty sure fur is worn in the fall/ winter. If you are going to protest at least have the facts. They ended up looking like total douche bags that just wanted media attention. Well PETA, you got it.

3 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week Diary Day 3: Seriously PETA?”

  1. Although I agree that PETA goes too far (they’re at EVERY fashion week,) and I’m not part of PETA nor do I have any strong opinions on the issue of wearing animals either way, I was on board with you until you mentioned fur not being in any Spring lines. It isn’t only about fur. PETA protests the use of all animal products in fashion, that includes leather, skins, wool, etc. used in sandals, purses and many spring items. I agree with “knowing the facts” on this issue…but it goes for both sides.

  2. Oh, I’m sorry, did somebody ruin your fashion fun? And how much *fun* is it to sleep in a tiny cage in your own excrement your entire life, then electrocuted anally, skinned alive while still shaking?

    Take a look at your narrow little world and tell me what entitles you any more than other species on this earth to live your life without being imprisoned and tortured so someone can kill you and wear you to look “fashionable”?

    No capacity for compassion or empathy. What a sad and shallow way to go through life. Selfish.

  3. First of all – that doesn’t look like PETA to me, I don’t see their logo anywhere on those signs. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but it could be another AR group. Second of all, fur production doesn’t happen in the winter. people WEAR it in the winter, but during the other parts of the year, the animals are being bred and caged, and going through anal electrocution and gassing in order to be scalded/skinned for pelts, and THEN made into clothes for winter-wear. spring and summer are busy times for fur farms and furriers. You must have missed the memo. If you’re going to defend the torture and murder of innocent beings for vanity’s sake, at least have the facts.

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