NY Fashion Week Diary Day 5: The Best Day of My Life (part 3)

Once my excitement settled from sitting inside the AMEX sky box I was more than ready to see the runway show. Let’s just say that I almost cried tears of joy. Seeing her show in person was the most incredible experience, like, ever.

The show started with Betsey and her grandchildren dancing down the runway with balloons. From there it was gloriously colored wigs (I have been wanting one for a while and now I am finally going to go for it), dramatic dresses, funky pirates, and my personal favorite … handcuffed brides. Of course it ended in cartwheels, which was 1 million times for satisfying to see in person.

One of the many reasons that I love Betsey Johnson so much is because of her philosophy on fashion, which happens to be the same as mine …

” Wear what you feel good in, no matter if it’s on trend or not.” — Betsey Johnson

Stay tuned for part 4, the fun didn’t end on the runway ….

On with the show!

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