NY Fashion Week Diary Day 5: The Best Day of My Life (part 2)

As I was saying before, yesterday was the best day of my life. It all started out in the American Express sky box at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. With the help of ThisNext and of course the lovely people at AMEX, I was allowed to watch Betsey Johnson‘s spring 2009 runway show in the best way possible.

The AMEX sky box was amazing!!! The whole room was designed with fashion in mind: beautiful faux snakeskin benches, luxurious fabrics draped across the room, and extravagant floral arrangements. Not only was the room super fashionable it was sustainable too, everything in the room was eco-friendly and will be recycled once fashion week wraps on Friday. How cool is that?The room was set up with the benches on either side, one side viewed the tent (largest runway) and the other faced the promenade (the medium sized runway). The back of the room had a bar with sandwiches, salads, cookies, and drinks. While the front of the room was decked out with neat-o light fictures, couches, and tables with laptops set up on them.

The whole experience was magnificent. The folks at AMEX couldn’t be nicer (I am so proud to be card member). Servers came by to refil drinks, the hostess was always checking on us and letting us know who was sitting front row.

There was even a special guest at the end, shoe designer Holly from Hollywould. Holly did a Q&A session with us and was even kind enough to give us all $100 gift certificates.

I honestly couldn’t believe how wonderful the whole experience was. And to think my day just got better from there!!!! More to come in part 3, stay tuned.

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