NY Fashion Week Diary Day 3: Hair Drama

I am originally from the east coast (DC Metro area) and originally wanted to live in New York City but then I moved to L.A. I went to L.A. expecting to hate it but as it turns out … I freaking love it. Not only do I love it but now I kinda hate New York. I hated the shit out of New York yesterday because the rain and humidity RUINED my hair. Thank goodness I have friends like The Makeup Girl and 99 Products. Those girls hooked me up and made my hot mess head of hair look like a head of fabulous Edie-chic hair. Love them!!!

The process:
The end result:

3 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week Diary Day 3: Hair Drama”

  1. Cute! I know those two divas worked their magic! Next time, pack you some scarves and a hat or two.I keep the frizzies so I understand! Have fun:)

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