NY Fashion Week Diary Day 2: FIT Museum, Gothic “Dark Glamour”

My morning plans got squashed today and all of the runway shows that I am hitting are later this evening. So I had the whole afternoon open to explore New York and meet up with a few fellow fashion bloggers. Not to be controlled by New York’s awful humidity and 100% chance of rain I strapped on my Patricia Field bondage shoes and headed out.

I started walking towards the tents and was actually going to take a cab to FIT but I suddenly got very brave and decided to walk. All of you New Yorkers are probably laughing at me right now but I am coming from LA where walking is unheard of.

The walk wasn’t so bad, well aside from the cat calls and bad pick-up lines. “Hey girl you smell good! What kinda perfume you got on!” doesn’t turn me on. I had to look this one up but someone said to me “Tu es perfecto pero muy flaco.” Apparently in this greasy man’s eyes I am perfect but too thin. Little does he know my broken body image takes that as a compliment.

Anyways, I did make it to FIT in one piece and saw the new exhibit called Gothic “Dark Glamour.” I really enjoyed it as it goes right along with my new look for fall 2008. The exhibit featured pieces by Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Rodarte’s 2008/9 collection based on Japanese horror films, and more.

Not only were there some amazing garments, there were some really cool quotes written on the walls …

“Fashion must die and die quickly, in order that it can begin to live” — Coco Chanel

” One must forgive fashion everything, because it dies so young” — poet Jean Cocteau (friend of Coco)

“Fashion mocks death” — philosopher Walter Benjamin

The end of my afternoon was like death to my hair. It started raining as I was heading back to my hotel and apparently NYC cab drivers don’t let wet people. I suppose two years in Los Angeles has completely spoiled me because I can no longer handle moisture (unless it’s in a pool) and humidity. Hoping that tonight will be dry and tomorrow will be a sunnier day.

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