NY Fashion Week Diary Day 2: Fashion Insomnia

Last night I was sooo tired but I just couldn’t get myself to sleep. Maybe it was the time zone difference, the insane amount of text messages coming through my Blackberry, or it could have been this crap ass hotel (more to come on that later). Whatever the reason, I wasn’t sleeping.

In an attempt to tire myself out I went through some emails — they had really piled up! One of the emails I received pointed me to the online boutique Kirna Zabete. A lot of the time new ecommerce sites end up being a bunch of ShopBop wannabes but not this one. Kirna Zabete was great! Styles from Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler, and other high end designers.

The fashion spark was lit and I ended up going on a ThisNext recommendation spree. Check it!

FashionKitty's recommendations at ThisNext

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