NY Fashion Week Diary Day 1: Travel Nightmare

I woke up at 4am yesterday chipper as hell and ready to take on my big trip to NY. Check out what I wrote before I boarded the plane …

Ready to take flight

After a week of “downtime” in Los Angeles (I didn’t unpack from Vegas until last night), I am on the road again heading to New York City. I am pretty pumped. I am flying Virgin America for the first time (omg, I am losing my “Virgin” virginity) and I already love it. There was no line this morning, the people at the check in desk were competent, and even the boarding pass looked all smooth and modern. The one thing that is pissing me off is that my computer claims I am connected to VAMERICA free wi-fi but for some reason I can’t get online. Booo!

Sounded pretty happy, right? Well that tone quickly changed once I boarded the plane. I walk onto the plane and hear two flight attendants saying “Oh, no that’s gonna be a nightmare.” I was hoping they were talking about something personal, like breaking up with a boyfriend. No, no — they were talking about MY flight.

Apparently Virgin and probably most planes are run by some piece of computer software. Well that damn software was corrupt and had to be re-download. Simple right? Wrong! The download takes a little over an hour. Not horrible if the software loads properly. Of course it didn’t, leaving me grounded for 3 hours!!!!!

Once we finally take off I have the pleasure of being kicked in the back by the kid behind me and smooshed to death by the kid in front of me who leaned his seat ALL the way back. You know how I feel about children. To add insult to injury, once we got to NY we couldn’t land! The plane circled around for an HOUR.

Pretty bad ain’t it? Here is the worst part. I missed the 70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Party. The party that Betsey Johnson and Nina Garcia were attending. The party about my favorite movie of ALL TIME.

There were many more terrible incidents last night but I won’t bore you with the details. If you follow me on Twitter you will know all about it. To make myself feel better I got stinking drunk with some cute gay boys, so I guess the night wasn’t all bad.

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