New Stuff from Mod Skin Labs

You all know how much I love Mod Skin Labs. I wrote about their Face Sculpt Serum back in January and have been using it religiously ever since. They just came out with a brand new candle to add to their line and it’s pretty darn amazing. Since I have been traveling more I have realized the importance of a good candle. When you are in a room that stinks like hell (hello my Vegas hotel room that reeked of smoke) you start craving candles.

Anyways I tested out their new candle and I love it!

Mod Skin Labs- The Alchemist's Candle

Not only does the candle smells amazing but it looks amazing too. I always find that candles that smell great come in some hokey glass jar that is embarrassing to set out. This candle isn’t going to embarrass me one bit — it’s gorgeous.

I am no whiz at describing scents so I will leave it up Mod Skin Labs for that one …

” soothing lavender meddles with delicate green notes of cedarwood, topped with a brilliant punch of blood orange”

Again, I am no scent wizard but I love the smell of blood orange and I think that is what really makes this candle perfect for me. This candle is also perfect for gifting so make sure you keep it in mind for holiday shopping. Also, 10% of profits will be generously donated to ACRIA, a leading non-profit organization for research and development of AIDS related causes.

You can’t beat a great smelling candle for a good cause now can you?

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