My Dream Coat (Literally, Had a Dream)

Vintage White Marabou Feather Jacket Awesome

So … Back when I lived in DC there was this spectacularly awesome vintage store called Eclectic Threads (its still there so check it out if you are in the DC area.) I used to walk to it every weekend to pick up some vintage gear. Every time I walked in there was this awesome white feathered coat hanging on the wall. I never tried it on, I just looked at it.

Fast forward 2.5 years later … I wake up, make my egg whites, and suddenly I am thinking about the coat. I emailed Tara, the store owner, to ask her if the coat was still there. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell but what do you know, it was still there. Turns out someone bought it and then reconsigned it there. It’s a freaking miracle.

I am going to live in this beautiful feathered piece of heaven. I will wear it with a little black dress. I will wear it with jeans. I will wear it with anything. This shall be my most glorious purchase of the month.

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