Kittyville: Painting Like a Pro

I will never take on a painting project without my Betsey Johnson “Betseyville” overalls and my Zibra paint products…

This weekend was a big one for Kittyville. I moved over all of my furniture from my Hollywood apartment (except for one giant shelf that I couldn’t life on my own), I bought a brand new couch and I continued painting my new place. The bathroom flowers are almost complete, the bedroom is finished, the living room was painted a sunny shade of yellow, and I started painting the black and white stripes in my dressing room. It’s looking amazing. I will take some pictures tonight and post them tomorrow.

Right now painting is my main focus, the decorating will come later. My painting job was made so much easier by Zibra. Zibra painting products were sent over to the ThisNext offices and since I am the only one doing house painting right now I got to take the products home to test them out.

I have one thing to say … Amazing!!

Fashion Kitty Does Home Improvement

Seriously, I will never paint with any other products again. The company has a pretty neat story too, you should definitely check it out. Basically women around the country were surveyed on their painting frustrations and all of these products answer those frustrations. I usually don’t heavily endorse products that aren’t fashion-related but these products were seriously amazing.

See more of my Fashion Kitty Does Home Improvement list at ThisNext.

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