Kittyville: Paint Job … First Look

The painting process is like 90% complete, the only thing left is a few more roses in the bathroom (although I was thinking about painting the kitchen too.) Here are some pictures to show the color in the rooms. Mind you these rooms are not decorated, yet! I haven’t even finished moving/ unpacking so don’t think that this is it because there is so much more to come. Just you wait little kitten, just you wait…

The dressing room:

The living room:

The bedroom:

The bathroom (to refresh your memory):

11 thoughts on “Kittyville: Paint Job … First Look”

  1. i LOVEEEE IT! lol you’ve pretty much got my dream dressing room.. even though i can’t see it fully i love stripes.. specially white and black. keep posting pics of the progress! 😀

  2. my favourite is d dressing room! make me wanna paint my room…oh and I love dat Betsey Johnson’s photo there…so bright and cheerful…great job you’ve done there! can’t wait to see d pics after d decors are all done…

  3. I am loving the stripes on the walls and the Betsey flowers on the bathroom walls. Cool soap dispenser and toothbrush holder and what a cute night-stand table.

  4. UM… can you and your talent come do my house? *sheesh* everything looks STUNNING. It looks like you live in a boutique!

  5. I like what you did to your bathroom. My room is also in pink, so I would say, I also like your room. 😛
    And the painting on your living room is so cute! Love it! 😉

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